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For many years now all of the mud flaps are molded form fitting and almost install themselves. However when I got my first car in 56 which was a 51 Mercury I promptly proceeded to make it cool (I thought). I Installed the long Fox fender skirts of the era with the appropriate razor blades along the lower edges to discourage theft. They were a red primer along with places where my door handles and emblems had been leaded in. Louvered hood was next and as I didn't have the hundred dollars ($1.00 per louver) I was able to trade my St. Bernard dog in lieu of cash. Screw driver to knock big holes in the muffler gave the flathead the right sound and so on. Back to mud flaps but they were considered the most uncool thing you could do. The country boys (we were big town guys) would come to town and hit the drive ins on weekends with their lowered machines sporting flat rubber flapping mud flaps (similar to the flaps on trucks only car size)they had small round reflectors with chrome bezels lined across the bottom. Some actually had **** or squirrel tails on their antennas which was the classic red neck trick of the era! We called the mud flaps then "Tennessee air brakes " No offense to my Tn. friends!!
Well that is old timer mud flap lesson for the day !! Things have changed a lot in 50 years !!!! SORRY FOR RAMBLING !!
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