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Motor Trend thinks the 2014 Chevrolet SS “almost has a Mercedes C63 AMG look to it”

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When Motor Trend saw the Chevy SS for the first time, here's what they had to say about how it looks...

“almost has a Mercedes C63 AMG look to it” - Motor Trend

Looking at the pictures we have of the Chevrolet SS on this forum and comparing that to the C63 AMG, I don't see how it "almost" has a Mercedes C63 AMG look to it.

Seems like the guys at Motor Trend had nothing else better to say.
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It's too bad we can't see the SS's lines. I think the unveiling looked blah with the lighting that was available. Hoping it looks better in person or a different color.
It's not unique to Mercedes...virtually every production car on the market is available on the lot right now. Can you imagine Ford telling Mustang buyers to put a deposit on the car sight unseen and wait three months for it to be built. And by the way, you can't pick and choose your options or drive train? Do you know what those Mustang buyers would be called?

"Camaro Owners".

Now if the SS had a broad options and package list, and a variety of exterior and interior colors, and a variety of wheel packages, and an optional stick, and optional magnetic ride control, then having a car truly built-to-order would be well worth the wait. You'd get exactly what you want, and you wouldn't pay for stuff that isn't important to you.I'd expect to wait for that car to be built and I'd happily lay down a decent deposit to make it happen.

The SS ain't that. Pick from 5 very safe colors... Rental Car White, AARP Silver, Afraid To Decide Black, Ass Rape Red and Booger Green...and sunroof or no sunroof. Great...that'll be $40,000 and three months. Welcome the Heatbeat Of America, presently on bypass.
Well said. Hoping they have an announcement that brings back some passion for this car on this forum and it makes ordering the car worth it. Doesn't seem likely at this point, but I still have hope. Until then the car seat will be finagled into the back seat of the Camaro when we want to go for a cruise.
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