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Motor Trend thinks the 2014 Chevrolet SS “almost has a Mercedes C63 AMG look to it”

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When Motor Trend saw the Chevy SS for the first time, here's what they had to say about how it looks...

“almost has a Mercedes C63 AMG look to it” - Motor Trend

Looking at the pictures we have of the Chevrolet SS on this forum and comparing that to the C63 AMG, I don't see how it "almost" has a Mercedes C63 AMG look to it.

Seems like the guys at Motor Trend had nothing else better to say.
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I do see a couple thing. the hood has the two contour lines on it and the grille shape and I guess some could possibly say that the headlights are somewhat similar too.
I see a bit of that too along with similar grille shape but that shouldn't be any reason to say it "almost has a Mercedes c63 amg look to it", it's far from almost, if this is almost then i don't know what is
motor trend should fire who ever said that lol
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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