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Mobil 1 in bulk...

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I use Mobil 1 5w30 in my '11 tahoe because of the dexos requirement, and will also be using it in the SS. Does anyone know of a good place to buy mobil 1 in bulk? My local sams club sells 6QTS for $36(more than walmart). Amazon doesn't have any deals, and the local parts store sells it for 8.50$/quart (rip off). The local walmart has 5QT jug for 25$, and 7.84 per single quart. So far it seems walmart is cheaper, 74$ for the 13 quarts I will need to change the oil in both cars at once. Any insight?
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Costco often offers $10 off coupons for their $36, 6x1qt. case of M1 5w30 bringing the cost down to ~$26/case, or $4.33/quart. Great deal and they're offering it now.

Otherwise Walmart's a good deal, but it is.....well, Walmart.
thats a helluva good price at costco. How often/how do they distribute the coupon? is it an online sale advertisement or is something they send in the mail? I'd almost consider ditching my sams membership JUST for the mobil one price. I don't shop all the frequently at sams membership expires in May. Might be looking at swapping....:eek:ccasion14:
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I called the local costco after finding their coupon add online thats good through 23 February. They ARE selling a box of 6 single quarts of Mobile 1 5w-30 for 26.99, limit 3 boxes of 6 per customer. I plan on picking some up tomorrow with my buddies membership. Maybe this will help anyone looking for a deal. Here's the link to
I just returned from my local Costco and DID purchase 3 cases (6-packs) of Mobil 1 thanks so much to the members on this forum! 3 is the max at this price.
Here in California the normal price is $37.99 + .45 CA Oil Fee (?!?!) or $38.44 for 6 qts. With the $10 off per 6 pack, it comes to $4.74 per qt. which is still really a great price. I checked Autozone and it's $8.99 per qt!
headed to costco tonight. Im going to pick up 3 cases and wife will pick up 3 cases. Ill need 13 qts for both vehicles for each change. we will be driving across the country a total of 3 times in a couple of months. Mobil 1 for less $4.50qt is phenomenal!
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