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Mike Devereux leaving Holden

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Just when the Australian government is about to sit down with Holden to discuss their future, GM pulls out the managing director without announcing a replacement.

Government 'disappointed' with Holden boss' exit
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I will be very interested to see who replaces Mike. On the upside, with Mike Deveraux and Mark Reuss now essentially higher up the pecking order they may have more swayu for a positive outcome.
Gotta love the way Joshua Dowling titles an article as Holdens Managing director quits, when the article basically goes on to say he has been promoted to a higher Role.
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With or without Mike at the Helm of Holden, I think what ever happens with regard to negotiations for Co-contribution it will be down to whether or not the Abbott government will want to be seen as the Government who killed Holden or to a greater extent Manufacturing.
Holden is a good place to send up and comers to cut their teeth in a small yet very highly competitive market as was pointed out to me by someone on another forum.

Where else in the world can you send a guy to have to deal with 60 plus brands selling in a market vying for just over 1 million plus sales per year.

I have lost count of how many brands market cars in just the small car segment but I believe there are over 40 small (think Cruze size segment) cars and that doesn't take into account all brands individual variants of each model.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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