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Mike Devereux leaving Holden

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Just when the Australian government is about to sit down with Holden to discuss their future, GM pulls out the managing director without announcing a replacement.

Government 'disappointed' with Holden boss' exit
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It does seem odd that with the government ready to negotiate assistance with Holden, GM pulls out the one person with the required knowledge to negotiate Holden's case.
It does seem that GM likes to round out their favored executives with a stint at Holden.
I doubt we would be discussing the SS without Mark Reuss's input to approve its build. He seemed quite smitten with Holden when he was here, but then he is a confirmed rev head.
I think Devereux has done a great job too and will be another asset for Holden within the GM hierarchy.
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I don't really understand why so many manufacturers want to compete in such a small market. I'm surprised Opel has been the only one to exit to date. Maybe it has something to do with Aussie tastes as we are more likely to purchase sporty variations than anywhere else in the world? Or maybe we have a better ability to pay in a recessed world?
As you say, the perfect training ground to blood favored executives.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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