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Mark Reuss talks about the SS in a post-Holden world

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A bit of a mixed message coming from our friend mark Reuss, GM Product Chief. Have a quick read of part of his interview with Automobile.

Automobile: Australia’s Holden is being closed as a manufacturing base. What does that portend for the Holden Commodore-based Chevrolet SS? It seems to fill a need.

Reuss: It does fill a need. I don’t know how we’re going to sell it. What’s going to happen with it now that we’ve announced [Holden manufacturing is] gone? It’s either going to be hot or it’s not.

Automobile: It’s almost like a curse for American GM cars—being built in Australia. I’m thinking of the GTO and G8.

Reuss: I know. But because we don’t have a replacement product on [SS’s] heels, I tell the guys at Holden we ought not go out there broadcasting dates on this stuff because as long as people buy ‘em, we’ll make some. There’s no reason we can’t.
What do these answers mean for the future of SS manufacturing? What can we decipher?
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What do the Camaro, ATS and CTS all have in common?

They are smaller than the zeta SS. I don't know if I want to give up back seat room if and when they build an SS on the alpha platform.
I don't think the CTS is as small as you think. The old 2nd gen CTS was quite a bit smaller than the G8 being in between the size of a 3 series and 5 series. However the new CTS is much larger than that.
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