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LUK clutch part number?

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My clutch has gone out and I missed out on the Hawks clutch and flywheel liquidation. The OEM part numbers are about $1000 for the clutch and flywheel.

What has everyone been using to replace the the clutch and flywheel?

Does anyone have the LUK part numbers? It would be way cheaper than getting the LUK clutch delivered in a General Motors box.
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Has anyone noticed that the online GM Parts places are listing the OEM clutch assemblies for sale again? I just ordered mine, pressure plate and clutch disk, part #92259197, and pilot bearing part #12557583. Total was $311 with tax and shipping. Hope this helps someone out
Yes, I will replace everything when I'm in there. And I still have to purchase the dual mass flywheel. It's a bit pricey at $650ish.
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