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LUK clutch part number?

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My clutch has gone out and I missed out on the Hawks clutch and flywheel liquidation. The OEM part numbers are about $1000 for the clutch and flywheel.

What has everyone been using to replace the the clutch and flywheel?

Does anyone have the LUK part numbers? It would be way cheaper than getting the LUK clutch delivered in a General Motors box.
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Just rip the bandaid off and get a Monster S Triple disk. It feels and drives just like OEM. No complaints.
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How's the chatter in neutral at a stoplight? My z06 has one and its noticeable but that car is far from quiet in the first place so its not a concern.
Zero chatter in neutral or when the clutch in depressed.

There's a bunch of additional options here? Would you recommend any of them?
Most owners that I know just go with the S series unless they are putting down some big numbers
I mean options like the remote speed bleeder. My buddy had a '04 GTO and he said it was basically required on them.
The remote bleeder is worth its weight in gold. Makes bleeding the system super easy
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