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PRLx1967, ChevySS your famous down here :)

'Love it!': US customers thrilled with Aussie Commodore
November 6, 2013
Sam Hall

First American customers take ownership of ‘Rear-drive thunder from Down Under’ – the re-badged Chevrolet SS.

Holden's crucial export program for the VF Commodore has got off to a promising start, with the first shipment of Chevrolet SS sedans driving out of North American dealerships this week.

The initial shipment of Chevy SS sedans has landed in the US, going on sale at dealerships around the country for $44,470 ($46,850 AUD) plus local taxes.

And the Australian-built four-door has so far received glowing praise from the Northern Hemisphere. Several new owners have already taken to forums to express their content with the new model, essentially a left-hand-drive version of Holden’s VF SS-V Commodore.

“I have 100miles now. Love it!,” said Las Vegas-based owner PRLx1967 on the Chevy SS forum. “Smooth ride, no road noise, flat in the turns (and) great power.”

“Compared to the GT [Pontiac] it's a 100% improvement in material, technology, and comfort. Performance is a large step maybe a 50% improvement because of response, power, and handling. Stock sound is nice, again can't compare it to a stock GXP.”

Another new recipient, SSChevy, posted: “This car is honestly way better in person than on any photos! It has beautiful curves and it has all the features you can ever need.”

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'Love it!': US customers thrilled with Aussie Commodore

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Yeah they could have linked to the site or at least got ChevySS name right :D SS Chevy haha.

I was reading the article and thought, hang on I know those names
LOL. Goodness, its like saying "hey, nice Commodore Holden!" :biggrin: Regardless, there's my 15 seconds of fame! Thanks Commodoreman for showing us the link!

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Here is another articial on the SS from down under

Chevy-badged Commodore arrives in the US

Stars and cripes: Cars from Holden’s Chevrolet SS export program has started to roll into US dealerships ahead of their November 11 sale date.
Commodore-based Chevrolet SS lands to glowing reception

7 November 2013
HOLDEN’S first passenger vehicle export program to the US since the 2008 global credit crunch killed off the previous one has finally kicked off, with glowing reviews from potential customers.

The Melbourne-based car-maker shipped the first batch of Adelaide-built Chevrolet SS-badged versions of the Commodore to the US last month, with the first cars starting to trickle into showrooms in late October.

GM’s inventory of US deliveries for October show only one SS was sold in October.

However, US customers are yet to start taking deliveries ahead of Chevrolet’s official November 11 on-sale date, with many instead jumping behind the wheel for a test drive.

“The car exceeded all my expectations,” a contributor said on the website after test-driving one.

“It’s a special package and really worth the wait. The interior is very impressive. Especially liked the leather, dash layout, seats and the great-feeling steering wheel.”

GM Holden senior manager of public relations Andrea Matthews said that while the car-maker would not disclose the number of Chev-badged Commodores sent to the US, the car was always going to be a niche model.

She said if interest in the SS grew above expectations, it would be up to Holden’s sister brand, Chevrolet, to order more cars for the US market.

The version of the Commodore sold in the US features a 6.2-litre LS3 V8 engine borrowed from HSV’s product line-up, producing 310kW of power and 563Nm of torque.

Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that includes paddle shifters on the steering wheel – a glaring omission from both Holden and HSV’s Australian line-up – it can dispatch the sprint from 0-100km/h in about five seconds.

It also gets HSV-style rubber, which includes 19 x 8.5-inch wheels with 245/40ZR19 tyres up front, and 19 x 9.0-inch wheels with 275/35ZR19 tyres at the rear.

Priced from $US43,475 ($A45,500) – including $1500 in ‘gaz guzzler’ tax – the Chevrolet-badged quasi-HSV is almost $16,000 cheaper than its Australian counterpart, although very differently equipped and producing slightly less performance.

On the safety front, the Chev-badged Commodore has eight airbags – including knee-protecting airbags for both front seats – compared with the Australian Commodore’s standard count of only six.

The Chev SS also gets much of the technology included on the Commodore, such as a collision alert system, lane diversion and blind-spot warning, and a reversing sensor that can detect cross-traffic when backing out of a parking spot.

The car also includes Holden’s self-parking system adapted from the tiny Opel Adam city car, and the MyLink entertainment system introduced with the VF Commodore.

Like Australia, the Chevrolet SS has a tyre inflation kit as standard equipment, with the option of a spare wheel.

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Like how they said the gas guzzler was included in the 43,475 figure (false) then the various taxes our NA counterparts pay and so on. Not to mention dealer mark ups.
Although the Aussie spec is more expensive the way they have worded the price gap doesn't take into account our SSV Redline is basically 60k all inclusive, Drive away

At least they credited and linked to though, However Go Auto are normally more thorough than that
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