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looks Like VF Ute To Discontinued

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While yes the Ute sales are declining, The model won't be retired untill the end of the VF/WM life cycle. Holdens will be able to split the body shop at Elizabeth 3 ways to build Cruze, Next gen Commodore and PPV.
Since the PPV shares the utes underpinnings (LWB) it is technically possible for the Ute to continue. There is also talk that if SS is still popular that too will push on past 2016 along side HSV's Core cars.

The article written by J. Dowling is full of holes when you dig deeper. The only accurate part is declining sales, which could be boosted by a push to sell them in the US.

The rumours are getting stronger that the next Commodore will sit on a version of Alpha that it could share with the CTS, just replace some of the more exotic suspension etc for cheaper materials.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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