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Long Time SS Fan - Should be Reality by Next Spring

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My first exposure to the SS brand was back in 1994 when the Impala SS was released. I lusted after that car but could not pull the trigger on it as my future wife (at the time) and I were planning to get married the following year and buying our first house.

Then came kids and all of the expenses that go along with it. 4 years ago, we almost pulled the trigger on an Impala SS, but since our 3 kids were all 12 or younger, we decided to be practical and bought a Malibu LTZ instead.

This now brings us to the present. My wife and I absolutely love what we’ve seen of the 2014 SS online and decided to see the car in person. Yesterday, we went to 2 local dealers who each had the car in black and completely went through each of them. When we were done, she said that I have her permission to buy it :)

With those words, I should be at the dealership right now, but I am planning to put the purchase off until maybe next year. This is an expensive car and I want to be able put more down on it than what I have right now, so until I become an official owner, I wanted to join this forum and start gaining as much knowledge as I can about the SS. I am truly looking forward to owning this car and being a member of this forum.
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Welcome to the forum stewartj239! You're at the right place to learn all you can about this amazing car!
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