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I just did a whole country search and there are 31 listed.

Here is the link to a whole country search so you don't have to fend thru the advanced search junk:

New Chevrolet SS - in 19003 Area - on

I'm skeptical of the dealers listing them at invoice ... there is no way you are going to get out the door without a pack or a big doc fee or a low balled trade or a "our lender" financing or something they don't make additional profit $$$ on.
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Seeing the prices listed suddenly puts things into perspective. A couple of options and tax and it's quickly a $50,000 car. Once the enthusiasts have one dealerships will be hard pressed to move them, but I guess they won't be in that situation given the way the SS was rolled out. To bad they learned from their G8 mistake, I could have definitely jumped on one that was heavily discounted.
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