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I just did a whole country search and there are 31 listed.

Here is the link to a whole country search so you don't have to fend thru the advanced search junk:

New Chevrolet SS - in 19003 Area - on

I'm skeptical of the dealers listing them at invoice ... there is no way you are going to get out the door without a pack or a big doc fee or a low balled trade or a "our lender" financing or something they don't make additional profit $$$ on.
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Something is off with that search. Only 32 cars? It shows one of the dealers in Houston(Munday) with 6 cars. Plus according Chevy's site, there are several dealers in the Houston area with cars coming that are not on that list. I wonder if dealers have an option to participate on That may explain why some are not showing up.
I would hope that's 31 del. ?
Maybe. I just checked out their site and they are listing them with VINs and stock #s. Time to make a call...
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