:) More Photos Added 10/27/22 :)
:) Price Lowered to $2,600 10/30/22 :)

:) Price Lowered to $2,500 11/6/22 :)
:) Will sell/ship with tires or without 11/13/22 :)

Price $2,750 $2,600 $2,500

In a couple of weeks I will be putting my all-season wheels and tires back on, and taking off my current setup, which I love. The problem is it isn't perfect, so I will be doing something different for next summer. My perfectionism is your win. I am selling this entire setup for just the cost of the wheels.

This wheel & tire combination has been on my car since May of this year, and it has been awesome. The ride is stiffer and more precise than stock, and there is enough sidewall to not have to worry about potholes. The tires are also wider than the wheels, so you'd have to really try hard to get curb rash.

I spec'd the offsets myself to use the biggest possible wheels and tires on a stock ride height SS without issue. Because the OD of the front and rear setup is taller than stock, the wheel gap is filled without messing with the suspension. The front tires are 27.6" in diameter (vs. 26.8" for stock) and the rear tires are 27.9" in diameter (vs. 26.5" for stock).

Although I rolled the rear fenders for a prior setup, you may not need to do so for your vehicle. If you do need to do this, only minor work would be required in the very front lower part of the fender. Any reputable shop could perform this work in under 30 minutes.

I am selling the entire package for just the price of the wheels, which means you get the following for $2,750 $2,600:
  • 2 x VS Forged VS-01 Front Wheels, 20x9 +44
  • 2 x VS Forged VS-01 Rear Wheels, 20x10 +52
  • 2 x Falken Azenis FK510 Front Tires, 275/35-ZR20 (50% tread left, 5/32")
  • 2 x Falken Azenis FK510 Rear Tires, 295/35-ZR20 (75% tread left, 7/32")
  • 4 x VDO/CONTINENTAL SE10001HP REDI-Sensors
The wheels, TPMS Sensors, and rear tires were brand new in May of this year, the front tires were used from my prior setup.

Everything has been mounted and balanced, so all you would have to do is bolt these on and go.

Price is for pick-up in Albuquerque, NM only, so buyer would have to pay shipping. Those with access to a corporate shipping account will be able to get better rates, so check with your company.