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led running lights

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When are the front LED running lights supposed to be on ?? Do the headlights have to be on?? I thought they were on all of the time, however my car had been at SW works for almost 6 weeks and I forgot what they do. I saw in SW drive by video with the car they were not on??
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Just went to the car wash and watched as it was driven from the outside, in. Fog lights(led strip) were on but no DRL and lights set to auto. Once car was pulled into the bay, headlights went active but still no DRL. I too am confused as to when they actually come on? Ironically this morning I bought a bunch of LED's to replace all the stockers. Now I'm wondering if it was necessary to buy the 20 pack.
The LED strip is the DRL. The headlights are just the headlights and will only be on as headlights unlike a lot of other cars that dim the headlight as the DRL.
@1Evil55, do you have a 2016? No fog lights on the 16's, just the DRLs.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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