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led running lights

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When are the front LED running lights supposed to be on ?? Do the headlights have to be on?? I thought they were on all of the time, however my car had been at SW works for almost 6 weeks and I forgot what they do. I saw in SW drive by video with the car they were not on??
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It was an overcast day here in Chicago but still plenty bright and my headlights were on and DRLs weren't. I have the headlights set to auto. Seems odd no? Just because it's overcast shouldn't kick the headlights on and DRLs off right. And when I say overcast I mean mildly overcast.
It has been noted frequently that the sensor controlling the auto headlamp function seems to be hyperactive in all years of the SS.
Good to know because there was nowhere near enough cloud cover for those things to be on today. It was odd. Thanks for the reassurance
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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