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KPM1000 issue and suggestions

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Issue - over 5k RPM I'm not getting more fuel pressure. Prior to this issue, if the car sat overnight it would not start on the first try. It would not the second attempt.

Builder is contacting KPM to see what they have to say. I have posted this issue within Facebook groups and I'm hearing others that had issues and they got no support from KPM. My unit is less than a year old.

If I have to go with something else. Looking for suggestions. My builder like dsx aux pump. I didn't go that route due to tapping the tank. KPM is a drop in solution. However I might be open to whatever at this point. I heard of issues with manual cars and dsx, anyone had issues?

Car info - I'm over 700hp
MGW Shifter,
Whipple w3.75 pulley,
Monster Triple clutch,
PNP Frostbite - newly installed
CTS-V Sedan wheels / PS4 tires,
PRC Ported heads,
TSP Stage 2 cam,
upgraded internals / CHE,
Maloo skirts - newly installed
Commodore specialties spoiler(on order)


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I don't think the KPM1000 is enough pump for your setup, especially on E85. Their website says "This equates to optimum tuning and power levels up to 1000hp (flywheel rated on 98 octane fuel)." So, 1k on 92/93, maybe 750ish on E...

That being said, I put a manual gauge on the fuel rail to make sure you are getting pressure or not...that should help with troubleshooting...
I didn't have an issue until now. When the car was originally tuned everything was good.
What changed? I'm a manual car and ran a stock pump with a DSX unit. Made 880/ 770ish on E75 with a 2650 blower and 1000CC injectors. Steck has an upgraded inline pump that can be had. It sounds like one of your pumps may be bad...
Yea, It sounds like the secondary pump may be on the fritz. The hard start could be one of the pumps draining back into the tank, an internal fuel leak essentially...
On the chiller, the system should hold about 1.33# of freon...that's what mine held when I had the PnP unit. Just for reference
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well, I stand corrected...didn't realize it was a single pump... thx for the h/u @ddipert!

If you want to run an aux fuel kit without tapping the tank, use this: 09-15 ctsV (V2) Fuel Hat- Lead time for orders is approx. 1.5 weeks to ship. Working hard to get ahead and reduce this number — ALM Performance & Design, LLC...

If you are able to, replace the fuel pump...maybe with a hellcat pump and supplement with the below from DSX. Note that it is the GSL396... Tie it in to the ALM unit. Problem solved.
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Thanks for the replies. KPM is saying the pump can't support my build. Questions does this pump actually support the numbers they say it can?

I'm thinking dsx. My builder trusts them and does a lot of them. It's the hole in the tank I hate.

@a6d9cmro do you know anyone that has used that hat? Looks nice. 500 and some change.... hmmmm
It’s really the only option without punching a hole in the tank. My buddy uses the hat on his twin 340 drop in deatchworks pumps.
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Mike also might need to start looking at larger lines going to the engine. As pressure goes up flow goes down.
Than fuel pump hat looks like a great idea. Think stock fuel pump, + DSXaux it would get close to 1k whp.
For what it's worth I have the DSX kit with the tapped tank, and it's absolutely unproblematic.
As do I. took alot to punch a hole in the tank, so I get the anxiety...when i didn't need it anymore, just put an AN cap on it...Would love to hear what solution OP comes up with.
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I maybe going this route. I do like the ALM cap though. I'm just ready to get my car back.
1. to see how the fixed bumper and new skirts look. Quality and paint wise
2. Check out the new PNP Tech Frostbite and how it performs
3. Get full power back and roll out
I hear ya on getting the car back on the road. Mine has been down a full year now with this build. However, please please please don't rush and regret. The PNP unit is a beast and you will be happy with it. I had one on a 2650 blower with non-optimal placement for the IAT sensor and saw about 70* all the time over Cyl 8...didn't matter if I was driving or spinning at 7k....

Please don't do anymore power pulls with a sketchy fuel pump...I'd hate to see a future post about how one more pass was done and that was the one that that did it...
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the idea of no check valve sounds like a 535 pump...

There is this: X2 Series Fuel Pump Module for 2010-15 Camaro LS 3.7 V6/ SS LS3 6.2. Add 2 pumps and you are good.

My buddy has this setup (thegoldreaper on IG) with a Vaporworx controller on it and makes 750 at the tire with a LSA on E. Also uses the ALM hat. He is thinking about upgrading to the L2 hat so he can run an aux pump.
Yup, each kit has pros and cons for sure…the question is are going to farther in your build…
My current setup is a Fore Triple (3x 285's) in a returnless system ran by a Vaporworx controller. My configuration was spec'd by Carl @ vaporworx.
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There’s the man!
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