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KPM1000 issue and suggestions

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Issue - over 5k RPM I'm not getting more fuel pressure. Prior to this issue, if the car sat overnight it would not start on the first try. It would not the second attempt.

Builder is contacting KPM to see what they have to say. I have posted this issue within Facebook groups and I'm hearing others that had issues and they got no support from KPM. My unit is less than a year old.

If I have to go with something else. Looking for suggestions. My builder like dsx aux pump. I didn't go that route due to tapping the tank. KPM is a drop in solution. However I might be open to whatever at this point. I heard of issues with manual cars and dsx, anyone had issues?

Car info - I'm over 700hp
MGW Shifter,
Whipple w3.75 pulley,
Monster Triple clutch,
PNP Frostbite - newly installed
CTS-V Sedan wheels / PS4 tires,
PRC Ported heads,
TSP Stage 2 cam,
upgraded internals / CHE,
Maloo skirts - newly installed
Commodore specialties spoiler(on order)


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The KPM 1000 is a single pump solution, KPM1500 is a dual pump. 1000hp at the flywheel is about 850whp on 98 octane gas. Which is 600whp on e85. Think a6d9cmro is correct doesn't look like enough pump.

I do not like the idea of drilling the tank, especially the bottom of the tank. Was thinking about drilling the top and putting a dip tube in case it leaked.
Mike also might need to start looking at larger lines going to the engine. As pressure goes up flow goes down.
Than fuel pump hat looks like a great idea. Think stock fuel pump, + DSXaux it would get close to 1k whp.
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1 - 2 of 29 Posts