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Just who is this "Lot Boy"

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I see that someone has signed up on our forum as "Lot Boy". So now we can get some insight as to the functions of a lot boy??? Or is he an accomplished 'tech'?? And a fast one at that.
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I also replace those red shipping blocks dealers take out during the pdi. Why they take them out I am not so sure, they color match the red lettering of the brembos. And the stiffness of the suspension beats coilovers.

Ahh, brembos, I will take some of those next as I don't have them on my stealth'd out soup'd up G8. I get to 125mph in a school zone at 3pm far quicker than the Honda Civic that rev'd at me at the lights but holy c**p, I cannot stop. But still, I did not spill my cappuccino.

One of my favorites is yanking on the steering wheel of these SS's while they are sitting on the lot. Puts the alignment right out. Those SS guys think it was due to being tied down on a ship -ha ha. That didn't happen on my G8 (I call her Gr8). Not that it really matters as whilst I am accelerating 20 car lengths away form the SMART that looked at me at the lights by the church at 10am on a Sunday morning, my front wheels don't even touch the ground. Who cares if the steering is off....
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