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I've got PICS!

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Hey bros ChevySS here in Vegas,

Good news! Our beloved SS is getting track-tested in my vicinity and I've got some photos of the track car. With that, we should probably expect some solid performance numbers as well as reviews and so forth. Here are the photos. ENJOY!!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Full-size car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Full-size car Red

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Executive car Center console
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Did you take the pics? If so what's your impression on first appearances? This must mean it'll be close to getting some reviews out and about
The pictures were taken by my buddy who works at the dealer. It was a very exclusive event (not even family allowed). He got to test drive a 2014 Stingray and told me that the one he drove did 0-60 in 3.8. Anyways, I am going to see him tomorrow and he told me he had plenty of photos and a few vids! I will upload after I talk to him.
I don't know how this SS got here. My guess is it actually is the same one from Barrett-Jackson since it just so happens to be red without a sunroof.

All I know is the guy that pulled the SS out for the drive was a professional driver and some tests were getting done. I will relay more info/numbers soon as I can! stay tuned...
I'd guess that the SS that was being tested would be either an early pilot car built on the line or a hand assembled pilot/ early build.

I believe all the journalist testers that Holden used for first tests and reviews were early pre production pilot builds. In these instances the fit/ finish and trim isn't necessarily the final trim.
Here in aus model year only means the year of manufacture,
depending on the amount of change we will either do nothing or go to series II like was done during VE in 2010 when the dash and some cosmetic changes were done with the front.
I don't think we'll see a series II IN THE commodore range again. VE was never meant to have a series II. I'll have a look on carsales later when I have better connection to check out model year designations I am sitting behind a truck waiting for a dock with 3G.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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