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Is SS engine made in Mexico same as Vette engine made in USA?

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The size of the engine in the SS is the same as the standard Vette engine. However, the sticker on the Vette says made in USA while the SS states made in Mexico. Other than country of manufacturing, are the engines the same?
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well I didn't mention L99...and no reference was made by OP regarding Camaro variants.

that said, you are accurate, however, LS3 (standard in SS sedan with auto) is not L99.
If it's not an L99 what is it, because it definitely has AFM. Hence the 400 HP in lieu of the 425 HP of the manual.
Or I should say it is the L99.
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The SS does not have AFM and is not the L99. SS comes with LS3.

In simplist terms, the L99 is a variant of the LS3 with the added AFM and variable timing. The only car that I know of that came with the L99 is the Camaro SS with the automatic. Camaro with manual has LS3 as mentioned before.

G8 GXP with auto has the LS3.
G8 GXP with manual has the LS3.
Totally agree!!! But we were talking about the AUTO.
Someone said, "...however, LS3 (standard in SS sedan with auto) is not L99."
I read that as saying the Camaro SS auto is not the L99. And I was saying it is the L99.
Confusing stuff.
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