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Put it like this,, the battery is at least 4 (going on 5) years old now,, and likely in the car since the jump,,, 16!! Do the math and it looks like you got a spectacular service life out of the orig!!

I had the same inconsistent starting issues back in Sept,, which marked 65 months since mine rolled off the line (04/17),, and for me,, it was a no brainer to just replace it and be done with the repetitive troubleshooting on a 36 month rated battery,, that was for all intents and pruposes,,, DONE here!! I went with the Delco Gold 48 AGM, purchased from a LOCAL parts store and machine shop,, here in San Pedro CA!! A bit higher cost,,, but WAYY MORE CONVENIENT!! Online,,,, like $30 to 40 less,,, BUT,, with shipping charge,, and days to wait for delivery!! My local guys had it to me in 3 hours,, for like $220 ish bucks!!

Just as important to me is to patronize this Mom and Pop old skool parts store,, and NOT some stock holder owned conglomerate!!! This place (and places like it all over the country/world!!) is VITAL and they are of course,,, disappearing from existence, along with the knowledge of these local machinists,,, en masse these days!!

Jus Sayin!!

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