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Noticed something strange tonight so I thought I would ask the collective wisdom of the forum about it.

When I got the car I paired my wife's phone first (technically it is her car) and then mine.
Shortly after that when she was driving I checked the Bluetooth menu and it showed that car was connected to her phone. (my phone was in my pocket with the Bluetooth turned on). This was just what I wanted...

Tonight when leaving a function I remote started the car with my fob. I then followed my wife to car and held the door while she got in. As we drove away she asked me to hit the phone button to turn on the voice dial. When the Mylink asked my wife said, "call XXXXX", Mylink replied asking, "Call YYYY?" Except YYYY is from my phone list not hers. Mylink appeared to be connected to my phone not hers.

So here is the question, does Mylink decide which phone to connect to based on which fob is used?

Enquiring minds want to know....

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Could have been a few things...

1. Your phone could have triggered the sync first
2. I don't think it's the fob since I can't find a place for memory seats, Mirrors, etc like in my 2013 Acadia

I think it's highly likely when you started the car and was close the phone saw the car, started the pair and when you turned the car on completely it just connected first. The car should look for the first phone in the list first though. With electronics just never know what they will do.

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