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Installing a Holden Airbag

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* I claim no liability towards any damage caused by those following this how-to.

First and most importantly, DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE. You do not want the airbag to discharge while you are working. If you want extra insurance and peace of mind you can also remove the airbag fuse.

To install the airbag is actually very straight forward and doesn't take long. All you need to do is lower the steering wheel to it's lowest setting and also fully extend it outwards. Now turn the wheel 180° (that's upside down), this will reveal three holes seen below.

The two outer holes are the ones you want to go after. Simply insert a slender item into there such as an allen wrench and pry outwards as the arrows depict. I recommend holding the airbag while doing this so it doesn't come flying out and possibly damage the wiring. While doing this I personally removed the steering column shroud, however it looks like that isn't necessary. If you do want to remove the steering column shroud follow these steps:
1) Remove the 7mm bolt in the center of the bottom steering column section.
2) Separate the two steering column cover shrouds by simply prying them apart.
3) Once the two pieces are separated, turn the steering wheel 90° in either direction. This will reveal another 7mm bolt holding the lower shroud into the column. Repeat this process for the other side. Now the lower steering column shroud can be completely removed.

Once you pop out the airbag through those two locations you can pull the airbag out completely. Here is what you are left with:

To remove the airbag wires you simply pull out the tabs as shown below and pull them off:

Now just plug in your new airbag and pop it into place. To put it in just simply line it up and press it in. If you removed your steering column shroud now is the time to reinstall it by reversing the removal process.

Finally hook up the negative battery terminal and you are finished! Enjoy your new airbag.
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sweet. thanks for the diy! this should be added to a diy sticky or something
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