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In at the start once again!

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Over from the G8Board where I was an early member, Oct. 07 as BBBBGXP. Hope to see the same good natured ribbing, and loads of info like we had in the beginning over there. I see Isszy is onboard here, so we have an inside at Holden already! It will be interesting to see how GM does the second time around!:rolleyes:
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Nice. I didn't know the inside scoop of Isszy, but now I do. I also wonder who from gminsidenews (sister AG property) who are fans might stop by and say hi around here.
The guy you really want to listen to is Asylum - he works on the production line at the Elizabeth plant where the SS will be built.
Is Asylum on this forum? He'll have a ton of questions and requests to respond to, one being pictures of the production process ;)
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