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I'm out....for now at least.

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Ended up making a huge leap the other week and purchased a vehicle I have been lusting over for the past 6 years. Even before I had my G8, which I currently still have.

It's an EARLY build 2012 Z06, April 2011, VIN #11(was built while they were still building 2011's) owned by GM for use in the Brochure and on the Chevrolet website and supposedly as a show car. Optioned with F55 mag ride, yellow calipers, yellow stitching, Carbon Fiber Package, black headlights and cup wheels. 1 of 32 Blade Silvers for 2012. Only 1,650 miles on the odo and I got a pretty good deal considering it still has a warranty and has never been titled.

Not that it's a huge deal but I found it pretty neat, the photos of it are still up on Chevrolets website. 2013 Chevy Corvette Z06 | Sports Car Photos | Chevrolet

There still might be a SS in my future.....but not until I am ready to finally part with my G8. If that time ever comes.
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Go to Corvette forum and join up I'm on the site too. You will find discussion on dropped valves good reading get ext warranty and some where down the line have chev do wiggle test cost about 800.00 but if you fail you get new heads and valves and your don't pay the 800 bucks.
I have 25000 on my 2012 z06 no wiggle test have ext warranty if it blows It's on GM.
what is the last six of the vin mine is 102226 meaning I was the 2,226 vett produced the z06 vins are not separate from production like Zr1's and 427 con. they made about 480 z06's for 2012. My car came off line Aug 25 2011 or so del to me in Atlanta Aug 26th 2011. I love my Zo6 only regert not getting mag ride that would include the PTM and 19/20 mich tires and cup wheels. Enjoy you new toy I have enjoyed mine it is now 2 years and 7 months old torch red 3lz. You got a keeper hang onto it.
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