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Idea Time and Wild Eyed Speculation

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Right so all this the SS should of and shouldn't going on lately in just about every thread seems like it could use a new home. So here for general usage i would like to set up the Wild Eyed Speculation Thread. Its a place where we can bandy about what next years SS or the next generation SS is going to be like. now this can be based of substantiated industry rumors, how you see the stars lining up or simply what you want. Just lets try and keep it semi civil and if your going to make something up at least let us know first ;)

Ok I'll go first...

When (if) the SS switches to Alpha I'd like to see a V6 option. I don't want to buy a V6 option but if they did have tiered engine selections the SS could no longer be called the SS, which opens the door for the Chevelle. So we could have a base Chevelle with the V6 and a return of the Chevelle SS with the burly 8....

BTW those pics are from dirty mary crazy larry, EXCELLENT drivers flick :D

remember, play nice :panic:
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I would LOVE for GM to bring back the Chevelle and just make it as a sedan version of every future Camaro going forward.

I don't even care if the rear doors must swing in an awkward way due to the smaller size (suicide style or gullwing style)
What about doors like at this link Disappearing Car Door - YouTube weird and cool
That's awesome.
I'm surprised that never became popular.
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