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I figured this is a write up most will use and possibly pin for new owners.

Change your own battery detailed below.

Tools needed:

Flat head
Body panel puller
10mm 1/4” rachet
13mm 3/8” rachet
6” extension 3/8”


Remove spare tire cover.

Open the battery cover panel and disconnect your GRD and PWR terminals

Squeeze the two tabs to remove the PWR cover.

Use 10mm to loosen nuts

Take your flat head and gently remove the vent tube.

You’ll want pull all the panel retainer clips with your body panel puller

Two by the battery cover

And three by the back seat

Once you pull the cover out of the way you can access the strap retention and the battery hold down bracket.
13mm and extension

Now you can lift your 50lb battery out and replace in reverse sequence.

*dont forget to hook your vent tube back up.

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Outstanding! Great information 768mph. Now I am getting ready to replace my original 2017 ACDelco battery for a new ACDelco Profesional.

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