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Update VF Commodore (Chevy SS) pricing, the whole line-up of Holden VF Commodore's will be getting price cuts of up to $10,000 read on for more detailed information:

By Jez Spinks | May 06th, 2013

The new Holden VF Commodore sedan will cost $5000 to $10,000 less the old model when it goes on sale in June.

Pricing for the new-generation large car has leaked in Australian newspapers ahead of official details being released on May 10.

Media including CarAdvice had been provided pricing and specification details under embargo, though the catalyst for the leak appears to be a Holden dealer conference that took place last Friday night.

The Holden Commodore Evoke base model will start from $34,990, $5000 cheaper than the Omega and Berlina models it replaces.

The new SV6, featuring a bigger V6 than the Evoke, kicks off at $35,990, a saving of nearly $7000 for the manual. An automatic transmission costs $2200 as it does across the VF Commodore range.

V8 buyers get the best news, with the Holden Commodore SS-V sedan (below) dropping $9800 to a starting price of $45,490 – bringing the more heavily equipped SS closer in cost to the regular SS that will begin at $41,990.

For the new-generation Holden Commodore V8, there’s the addition of a Redline edition that brings even more gear.

The Holden Commodore is better equipped, though, from every model from the Evoke to the SS-V Redline.

All Commodores – including the Evoke CarAdvice spied earlier this year (below) – gain as standard semi-automatic parking technology, rear-view camera and electric parking brake.

For the luxury-focused Commodores, the Calais is priced below $40,000 at $39,990 while the longer-wheelbase Caprice has an official sticker of $59,990 according to News Ltd.

Ute models will also feature reduced prices but not to the same extent as the sedan variant.

While Commodore buyers have previously saved thousands of dollars on the official manufacturer pricing, particularly in recent months with the VE model in run-out, the more aggressive pricing points to Holden’s determination to return its large car to the pointy end of the sales charts.

The Commodore’s 15-year run as the country’s best-selling car was ended by the Mazda 3 small car in 2011, while the large car didn’t even make the top 10 list in March and only just scraped in last month.

The new Holden VF Commodore goes on sale in early June, with the first of the HSV Gen-F models – which will include the new, super-fast supercharged HSV GTS – starting to arrive a few weeks later.

CarAdvice will publish official details and images on Friday May 10, with reviews of the new Holden Commodore range on May 30th.
Holden VF Commodore: prices cut by up to $10,000 | CarAdvice

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What one guy left as a comment on the article is sort of interesting....

General Motors North America CEO and former Holden Chairman, Mark Reuss, confirmed the policy to .......... in Australia. Undoubtedly the policy comes in place after the failed attempts of bringing in the GTO and G8, both of which were part of the Holden export program. Excess stock on dealership lots caused prices to be cut and ultimately ruined the value of the vehicles.
So orders will be taken in the United States for the SS and the cars will be built in South Australia before getting shipped. All this will ideally occur within a 90-day window.
other articles, dealers slashed pricing to clear old stock that had been stock piled on dealers lots........... and they do not want this too happen again.....................
At least these vehicles being made to order will protect the value of these cars.

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Interesting. Their loaded SS is at $45,500. I predicted a $45,000 MSRP for the Chevy SS, although my fear is that with the build-to-order announcement and no pricing info released we'll be lucky to see $45k now.

I'm not sure the value of the SS will be protected by the new BTO status, but it may help boost the resale on the G8 GXP if the SS is especially overpriced and hard to come by.

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that us/aus price forcast was before holden had to cut thousands from the commodore just to stay in the market, the long marketing promo and way over due update and a big price drop for the next model have killed end of model runout sales, we will have a better picture on commodores future once it's in the market for six months or more.
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