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As this seems to be the most popular forum and I have just completed my conversion, I thought I would add my two cents worth.
1) The removal of the "Silver box and Instrument panel" could not be easier. I purchased some interior trim removal tools on Amazon and had the trip off in 20 minutes.
2) removing the other components is dead easy. Just follow the pictures at the beginning of the forum and you can't go wrong.
3) I back out of converting the Head-Up display due to the complexity of removing the whole dash. If anyone has an easy method, please share.
4) I sent the pieces to Chris via UPS and two weeks later, I received the reprogramed components.
5) Reassembly took about 45 minutes. Seriously... If you can match colors up, you can reinstall your components in no time.
I was lucky enough not to have to drive my car while the components were out and I am glad that I didn't. The finished products work as promised. I was concerned that the XM radio would not work but it did as did my navigation. it even had my favorite stations still maintained.
I am not a mechanic by any means. This was honestly easier than pulling off the front end to replace the grill. The hardest part is waiting for everything to arrive back. I was just glad that it arrived last night (Friday) and I had time to install everything correctly.
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