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Holden clearly loves using excuses

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You guys are probably aware that the VF Commodore UTE is not coming to American because the US-Australian dollar exchange rate is abominable as far as exports are concerned, and there is likely little to no demand for a very pricey product that is neither fish nor fowl. Who is going to pay $50k for Corvette powered pseudo-pickup wearing a Chevrolet badge.

And if you didn't know Not long ago, Holden used the chicken tax as an excuse for why it’s been unable to export Utes to America. TTAC commenters soon produced plenty of evidence showing that Australian cars and ”light commercial vehicles” (i.e. pickups and Utes) can be brought to America duty free. So that excuse is out.

The Australian domestic car industry is going down the tubes, their signature product is about to become just another boring front-drive appliance and all they want to do is send some good product to world markets.

The problem is nobody wants it. No matter how loud the internet cries out for it. And that's the sad reality, R.I.P Holden?

I still think there's a small demand for new El Camino, they could have easily brought rebadged UTE's to America.

Info from TTAC: We’re Not Getting The Holden Ute, But Not For Reasons You’d Expect | The Truth About Cars
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Well to be fair I do not think anyone would actually buy that "$50k for Corvette powered pseudo-pickup wearing a Chevrolet badge."
Well to be fair I do not think anyone would actually buy that "$50k for Corvette powered pseudo-pickup wearing a Chevrolet badge."
yup, might as well avoid it.

at least with the SS, people wanted a G8 successor and it's finally here, this forum being a great example
I don't think you can blame Holden for the excuses. They would love to sell more cars. I don't think they can force GM to add the cars to their US model lineup.

Holden are then put in a position of trying to explain to a mostly uneducated media why they aren't exporting more cars.

Holden have done everything they can. They have certified the cars to US specs, they designed them with the US in mind. If GM does not want to sell them in the US, it's not for lack of trying by Holden.

The past 3 Holden Managing Directors have been Americans who have promised the earth as far as exports are concerned yet delivered very little once they finished their tenure and returned to the States.
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