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Hey guys!

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Hey there all, I'm coming over here from as I am interested in perhaps getting one of the new SS's when they come out.
Right now I own a 2006 GTO, but I am working in Iraq so she is sitting in storage for now and getting an LS3 H/C/I installed.
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Welcome to the forum. When are you coming back to the U.S.?

Would like to see pic's from that LS3 install and others of your GTO :)

Hopefully you can get the SS, it will be in limited production costing more than what it's actually worth, leaving only a handful of us able to grab this gem!
Thanks. I should be completing my contract in October and be back for good then.
Back in 2008 I really wanted to get a G8 GT, but couldn't find one close enough to me, so I ended up with the GTO instead. I'd love to get into an SS if they live up to the hype though. I will be in the market for a new vehicle (still keeping the GTO though) when I return.
I do not have any recent pictures of my car, but here is a few from the build and just of my car. I have a Monaro front end also waiting to be painted and installed to replaced my scratched up front bumper.
My GTO (blue) and my buddy's GTO (silver):

My last dyno run (old exhaust):
Interior LED swap by Bohnman:
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Some pictures from recent engine mods/build:

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Some interior mods (steering wheel, gauges):

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And some supporting mods (Eaton TrueTrac w/3.91s, Harrop diff cover, Gforce1320 Level 2 stubs and axles, Gforce carbon driveshaft, Pedders sway bars), parts have since been installed:

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Wow! You sir have a very inspirational build going on. We should get the admins to make a build section for guys that already own GTO's/UTE's etc. I would love to see updates on this build.

What are you performance goals for the GTO? Also are you building it focused on 1320, road course, or just an all around car?

Where about in the states do you live?

Stay safe in Iraq brother,

That would be cool if they do that, in the meantime I suppose I'll post any updates, though it is almost done. I lurk on the G8 forum and look at their builds as well.
For now, my goals are just to have a ~450whp street car that is fun to drive on the weekends/nice days. I will probably try and hit the 1/4 mile from time to time as well, though I am a noob at the track.
I am from NH and my GTO is currently in NC with a buddy. I could end up anywhere though, as my wife is Active Duty Army (currently stationed in Germany) and is due to return to the States this summer. So I guess I will end up wherever she gets stationed next (the rumor is somewhere in Texas).
450whp street car for weekends and nice days = living the dream. This is just as comparable to guys that build their old muscle cars for weekends and nice days, love it.

How crazy would you go with power if it was just a daily?
Eh, that is hard to say, but I probably would have done the same power mods. I may have done a bit smaller of a cam, probably not done gears or as many poly bushings though. BC coilovers make for a bit of a stiff ride for daily driving as well.
Nice ride TEC! I think I commented on your car over on LS1GTO! Love the sunroof and 18's! Also love the VX tails on your buddy ride.
What made you go with the LS3? Just wondering as it seems you could have gotten to 450 HP with your LS2 pretty easily also.

As others have said, Be safe over there my man!
Thanks for the comments! I decided to go with the LS3 top-end as I was able to get similar power goals while spending less money. I was able to pick up the top-end pretty cheap locally last year.

Seems like a good amount of new members are coming from LS1GTO. How did you guys find out about this forum?
There is a link to this forum on ls1gto, right below the link to the G8 forum :cool:
As a progress update for my build, here is the first startup with the LS3 top end and cam. She isn't tuned yet, and I won't have numbers for a bit still.
Wow that looks good, sounds good give me your thread on ls1 in the ***** post :)
LOL wut?

How do they suck?
He owns one... :p
GTOs are horrible they take all my money!
That is the truth.
Just sold my GTO on Thursday. I'll be looking to order an SS soon, probably Some Like It Hot Red Metallic. Still torn on a manual or automatic though.
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