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Hello from Seattle

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Hi, I currently drive a 2011 2SS Camaro convertible. I'm looking into possibly switching to a Chevy SS.

The site showed one being shipped to a local dealership. I drove by this weekend to talk to them about it. At first they said that they did not have one. After talking for a bit the sales guy decided to check into it further. They came back and said it was due in about 1.5 weeks. They were surprised that I new more about it then they did. As soon as it's there I will be getting a call. It's Phantom Black Metallic, sunroof, and full spare.

This is my current ride. :thumbsUp:



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I really want to sit in the car first. I don't think there will be a room issue with the SS but being 6'4" I've written off owning a lot of cars just because I don't fit. A test drive would be great too.

I haven't ordered one yet, but the one that is going to be at the dealership near me has not been claimed yet.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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