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Hello from Seattle

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Hi, I currently drive a 2011 2SS Camaro convertible. I'm looking into possibly switching to a Chevy SS.

The site showed one being shipped to a local dealership. I drove by this weekend to talk to them about it. At first they said that they did not have one. After talking for a bit the sales guy decided to check into it further. They came back and said it was due in about 1.5 weeks. They were surprised that I new more about it then they did. As soon as it's there I will be getting a call. It's Phantom Black Metallic, sunroof, and full spare.

This is my current ride. :thumbsUp:



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I really want to sit in the car first. I don't think there will be a room issue with the SS but being 6'4" I've written off owning a lot of cars just because I don't fit. A test drive would be great too.

I haven't ordered one yet, but the one that is going to be at the dealership near me has not been claimed yet.
Welcome swarm my son inlaw is 6'10" tall I could fit him into daughter's corvette. He now drives her cts with seat all the way back and tilted back. So don't think you will have problem in SS more room than a cts.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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