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GXP struts and SS Struts - differences?

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Does anyone know if the OE Struts are different and springs etc.?

The reason I ask, could I just purchase lowering springs for a G8 and install on my SS? I know the VF chassis is updated, however did they go down to the coils to and change it? If so, is it so much that a set of lowered coils would not work?
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As stated, springs are "not the same" between VE & VF, but it isn't conclusive that the springs will not interchange, only that different PN's were assigned/installed in production, based on the model specs, weight vs ride height targets, etc. As far as fit/form/function, at least one aftermarket supplier - Pedders - has indicated by their catalog listings that the springs they offer will fit both VE & VF. Note the springs highlighted in RED.

If that is the case, by extrapolation it can be assumed to indicate that any brand of lowering spring made for a G8 is going to fit the SS--but that is not to say that the amount of drop or the actual spring rates will be suitable or the same for both series chassis due to the lower weight of VF vs VE as well as the changes in weight distribution between the 2 variants, which is a relatively minor difference when you're tossing the OE springs and installing something from the aftermarket.

To be clear, this is NOT a "plug" for Pedders - just a point of reference that seems to indicate that springs offered for VE/G8 from at least one source are compatible for fitment on VF/SS.

Holden Commodore 2013-on VF Sedan 2013-on

Sedan 2013-on | Pedders Suspension <click to view

Coil Over Kits [Full Car]
160094 Extreme XA Coilover Kit

Front Spring Low

2954 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring
202954 Pedders Coil Spring
220092 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring

Rear Spring Low

2955 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring
202955 Pedders Coil Spring
212955 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring

Holden Commodore 2006-2013 VE Sedan, 2006-On

Catalogue | Pedders Suspension <click to view

Coil Over Kits [Full Car]
164064 Remote Cannister Adj. Coilover
160064 Pedders Extreme XA Coilover Kit

Front Spring Low
2954 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring
202954 Pedders Coil Spring
2956 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring

Front Spring Standard

7954 Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Spring

Front Spring Raised

7854 Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Spring

Rear Spring Low

2955 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring
202955 Pedders Coil Spring
2957 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring
212955 Pedders Sportsryder Coil Spring

Rear Spring Standard

7955 Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Spring

Rear Spring Raised
7855 Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Spring
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One must keep in mind Pedders USA is no longer in business.
As acknowledged--the web info provided is from the Australian website, and was only for reference, to illustrate that the Pedders springs (off-topic, really) appear to be interchangeable between VE & VF...I'm not shillin' for Pedders. I don't know if any of the other spring suppliers (Tein, H&R, Eibach, Lovells, etc)....have anything listed for the VF chassis or SS specifically or if any of their VE springs also are listed as suitable for VF, as Pedders has done.

MM - your statement about spring rates & weight distribution is a bit misleading, at best, as the weight (total & F/R %) is not THAT radically changed, when you consider how widely driver & passenger weight varies, and what someone may put in the trunk....and if H&R or any other spring supplier really cared about offering a product for a new "sporting" vehicle like the SS, they wouldn't wait for some take-off springs or the urging of an interested party/owner inquiry, they would get them from GM and test them and see whether they had the product already on the shelf or get the process started to put a "correct" spring in production. At worst, well, I'm just not buying what has been stated....and I'll leave it at that.

Unfortunately, the reality of this car is that suppliers of anything specific to the vehicle have to decide whether it's worth it to even produce something when production is likely to be so low that the business case is very difficult to justify. When one supplier (H&R) looks at what percentage of the spring market they may realize out of the process, it will be interesting to see whether they do anything more than just qualify their existing G8 spring kit.
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i wasn't auguring with you... :X however it is not misleading. your misleading people by using an aftermarket manufacture to judge they are the same. not to mention you are a cutting and pasting off the internet, just to show that someone listed them with the same part number. not to mention have even looked at the the springs or struts off the car?

as far as i am concerned if you don't want to buy H&R so be it no sweat off my back. buy a rebranded over priced pedders product as far as i am concerned.

So which one of you fellas has something figured out to lower my SS? hmmmm????
I haven't misled anyone. The Pedders Australia listing (from their own Oz website) was simply to provide a point of reference--if any supplier SHOULD know, it would be an Australian brand, as to what products they offer may be common between VE & VF chassis. It was not an effort to steer anyone toward using a specific brand of lowering spring...Pedders does not appear to be favored, for various reasons, but I have no reason to pile on--I don't take cheap shots if they aren't deserved. If there is another brand that substantiates or refutes their spring info regarding VE<>VF spring compatibility, by all means, post it up.

I made reference to H&R, which offers a G8 (VE) spring kit, to suggest that in ANY effort to determine what is needed to lower the VF chassis, a supplier would logically start their process by acquiring the production springs from the OE and evaluating them against their current fitment of a similar platform (G8 in this case), as it MAY be that, just as Pedders Australia has indicated by their listings, that the same springs offered for VE (and WM - Caprice) are suitable for VF. That they (H&R) are willing to take the springs from (your) SS is good, though I maintain that IF they were truly interested in a fitment for this chassis, the work would have already been done.

I ran into this when researching lowering springs for the 2011 Caprice PPV (WM platform), which is simply a stretched VE chassis--with another 150 - 200# or so of total vehicle weight. H&R was not able or willing to offer any assistance, but I've since learned that their G8 springs do work for the PPV, even though it is not listed as an application for their spring kit.

To suggest that the VE springs from various sources cannot be correct due to difference in vehicle weight is the misleading part of this--for production springs from the OEM, yes, they are quite specific due to the ride/trim height targets set for each production variant...but not so much in the aftermarket for lowering springs (if Pedders info is correct in regard to their own products).

And to be clear, I have no preference, and definitely no issues with H&R, otherwise--my intent is only to indicate that the aftermarket spring market, generally, is not responding as fast on this vehicle as potential customers seem to want - as LiquidR3D's inquiry suggests. I won't say "just use H&R G8 springs", but I am inclined to believe they WILL work--ie. they will FIT, but it's not a lock that the change in ride height will be the same as claimed for G8, for various reasons--especially if there's a difference in strut/shock spring collar placement, when comparing VE & VF components--although the Pedders information on their springs would suggest this is not the case.

I may ultimately consider using some OE SS springs to lower my own car (PPV) which was built with a higher baseline ride height.

We're all learning, hopefully.
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So somebody just cut and pasted the VE spring info into the VF section without thinking too hard about it or running it past the Tech Department?
Easy enough mistake to make.

I don't know how technically correct the Pedders Store Managers statement all are, but that's what I've just been told.
No worries,'s on the web, it must be true--right?!

Hey, it's all I had to go by in the discussion. Short of comparing G8, PPV, and SS springs physically to get some idea of any real differences that would prevent them from being "cross-platformed", it'll be their word (ie. spring suppliers) vs any effort someone may undertake to actually fit different springs from other versions of VE/VF or WM/WN.

In my own case, WM Caprice PPV has a higher static height than non-PPV WM as well as VE, and the current WN PPV is even higher. What I've not managed to do is compare wire size and static (free) length of G8 or SS springs as they relate to PPV springs. It may not result in as much lowering as aftermarket springs (from any source) but using OE springs from G8 or SS on PPV would result in a lower static height, and probably offer more comfortable characteristics overall (as opposed to aftermarket lowering springs), including keeping the OE struts/shocks in a more comfortable range of operation.

What I think you're saying with the VE vs VF fitment info is that if I used SS springs (assuming they fit) on PPV, the final height numbers would be lower than if I used G8 springs (GT & GXP used same springs, I recall--front struts & rear bar changed) - this would result because SS springs are supporting less weight, and putting them on the heavier WM platform (or VE/G8 for that matter) would compress them more, resulting in somewhat lower static ride/trim height, compared to the VF platform they were designed for.

In the case of PPV, which is designed with a higher base ride height, the drop would be fairly significant, almost giving the appearance of a set of lowering springs.

Maybe I should get a F/R SS spring pair to examine before I go with the Pedders springs I have now......does anyone happen to have some they've removed that are available?
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Chris Henry (Florida) just lowered an SS with H&R G8 springs - 5 photo series (Facebook link)

Drop numbers:
Front 15.5 to 14.125 = -1.375
Rear 15.25 to 14.0 = -1.25

Very close to what H&R says for G8, at 1.4 F & 1.3 R - and I do understand that the issue isn't necessarily a matter of whether the G8 springs fit - other factors include:

  • whether the spring rates are correct for VF vs VE platform
  • vehicle weight difference or F/R distribution
  • shock valving differences between VE & VF
  • shock spring seat collar height - same or different - VF vs VE
  • any differences in spring pigtails compared to stock SS (VF) springs
  • whether the springs seat differently on VE vs VF
But as a matter of effect on ride height, there's minimal difference between VE & VF when fitted with the H&R springs.
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It's a chance I'm willing to take....I'll have before & after pictures and accurate before & after measurements to see what the spring change does. As long as it's lower after the change, it's a good thing, even if it's not as low as some consider acceptable or pleasing to the eye.

"Floaty-ness" would be more of a shock/damper issue, from my experience.
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Considering that the G8 is a little heavier than the SS, the SS springs should be compressed slightly more, so your ride height MIGHT be lower than the original G8 specs.

While the spring rates WILL be a little different, the actual behavior on the road is a matter of trial and error--based on what shocks/struts are being used--new G8, new SS, used G8/GXP, or something else?

Considering your situation, I wouldn't hesitate to try the SS springs....go for it!
A member here says Granatelli installed G8 springs on his SS and it rode stiffer.
just as I would have expected.....
LOL I compared it to the Multimatic Z/28 shock I have here ;)
Fronts are still very different

Yes, this could get interesting....

Our sources also say the Chevrolet SS has been evaluated for DSSV damper control via the Camaro Z/28, another possible addition to this incoming 2016 SS update.
I mounted (tried) to mount a set of SS springs on my G8 this last weekend.

The big difference was in the rear the rear SS springs are also shorter by atleast 1", but I couldn't get them to mount up. After doing up the shock assembly it looked fine but once mounted the spring worked its way off the mount, it tried at least 6 times to get it to work. I ended up mounting the stock rear back on. I looked and the part # for the rear spring mount are different. I looked at an SS rear suspension in person and the lip is taller and curves down following the spring.

I do have to say the SS mounted on a G8 looks a little lower than with the stock G8 springs, but the rear springs won't work without the SS upper spring mount.
The G8 rear upper mounts are still a good PN, so they may, in fact, be different. I've not looked at G8 springs to see if there's a real difference (photos are difficult to make that determination), but I do recall that someone has installed H&R G8 lowering springs (not coil-overs) on a 2014 SS, with a different rear upper mount (by PN). Without comparing the parts, if the H&R springs have been used successfully with the SS mounts, it leaves open the question about what the real difference in the mounts may be.

So, are you planning to pursue this in any way to fit the rear SS springs on your G8?
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