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GXP struts and SS Struts - differences?

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Does anyone know if the OE Struts are different and springs etc.?

The reason I ask, could I just purchase lowering springs for a G8 and install on my SS? I know the VF chassis is updated, however did they go down to the coils to and change it? If so, is it so much that a set of lowered coils would not work?
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even if they did exchange the spring rates would almost undoubtedly be wrong. the weight balance on the SS is not the same as the G8. hang tight i just sent my stock coils back to H&R last week so they can check to see if they already have something or will make new ones.
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As acknowledged--the web info provided is from the Australian website, and was only for reference, to illustrate that the Pedders springs (off-topic, really) appear to be interchangeable between VE & VF...I'm not shillin' for Pedders. I don't know if any of the other spring suppliers (Tein, H&R, Eibach, Lovells, etc)....have anything listed for the VF chassis or SS specifically or if any of their VE springs also are listed as suitable for VF, as Pedders has done.

MM - your statement about spring rates & weight distribution is a bit misleading, at best, as the weight (total & F/R %) is not THAT radically changed, when you consider how widely driver & passenger weight varies, and what someone may put in the trunk....and if H&R or any other spring supplier really cared about offering a product for a new "sporting" vehicle like the SS, they wouldn't wait for some take-off springs or the urging of an interested party/owner inquiry, they would get them from GM and test them and see whether they had the product already on the shelf or get the process started to put a "correct" spring in production. At worst, well, I'm just not buying what has been stated....and I'll leave it at that.

Unfortunately, the reality of this car is that suppliers of anything specific to the vehicle have to decide whether it's worth it to even produce something when production is likely to be so low that the business case is very difficult to justify. When one supplier (H&R) looks at what percentage of the spring market they may realize out of the process, it will be interesting to see whether they do anything more than just qualify their existing G8 spring kit.
i wasn't auguring with you... :X however it is not misleading. your misleading people by using an aftermarket manufacture to judge they are the same. not to mention you are a cutting and pasting off the internet, just to show that someone listed them with the same part number. not to mention have even looked at the the springs or struts off the car?

as far as i am concerned if you don't want to buy H&R so be it no sweat off my back. buy a rebranded over priced pedders product as far as i am concerned.

also i as crazy paul said

The struts are different, the width of the clevice differs between VE & VF.
Also the VF springs may in theory be different because of lighter aluminium alloy now used in the knuckle and lower control arms.
A full set of VE/G8 front lower control arms weighs 29 pounds in steel.
i'll leave my statement at that. lets move along. PLEASE :mellow:
GXP on top and SS on the bottom
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The SS shock looks very similar to the Camaro rear shock.
that is exactly what H&R told me when we were under the car.
LOL I compared it to the Multimatic Z/28 shock I have here ;)
Fronts are still very different

They were talking about the rear shock and set up. The reply was about the other person saying it looked like a Camaro rear shock. ;)
c) Pedders use unique VF springs with unique spring rates partly because the stock VF sits at a different initial height to a stock VE.
And that is what I said... But what do I know. ;)
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