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Got a test drive !

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:yahoo: :bowing:

FINALLY got to see it AND test drive it, which i was surprised about - it was sitting outside right where i pulled up.

OK Wow - I knew i'd be impressed, but dayum!. Everything is soooo much nicer than my G8 GT: handling, seat comfort, quality, exhaust note.

I can't believe how much better it handles. Love the paddle shifters and heads up display, though it was a bit distracting and made me a bit dizzy.

The seat comfort is amazing, and controls are laid out well. I like how the window controls are on the door now, as opposed to console like G8 - i always hated that.

I gunned it a couple times, and even though its peppy, it definitely needs a tune. My tuned G8 GT pulls harder and more responsive.

Only (very minor) complaint is the suede on dash, i'm not feeling it. And the backup assist camera doesn't have the colored guide lines for aligning the car, so it's really just to prevent you from backing into something. And of course it sorta looks like a malibu/impala. But that's it really, nothing stood out that was worth bitching about.

I'd give it 5/5 if not for the price and old engine; so 4.5/5

I took a quick vid from my phone, but it didn't come out well - so here's the window sticker lol
Text Font Subcompact car

and if it were not for the guilt i'd feel for trading my G8 in, i would've bought it right then and there. temptation is a bitch.
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nice. time to go buy one :)
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