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Hello all
Have been a Holden V8 SS owner for a few years . With Holden now pulling the pin on manufacturing in Australia in 2017 I guess I will end up with a US ss.

Current cars
Holden Commodore VZ 5.7 litre ssz ute
Holden EF Calais V 6 litre ( picking up next week)
WB one tonne ute ( In bits Project on going)

Past cars
1979 Holden ute HZ V8
VH Commodore V8 Station Wagon
VN Commodore ss
VR Commodore ss
VT Commodore S

Looking forward to hearing more on the Chev ss.

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Welcome aboard great group to work with lots of info sharing. Yes I'm afraid I have another orphan car from GM can't win for loosing. Only hope is that GM does it on the alpha platform stateside in the plant with the Camaro after it goes alpha.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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