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Sound more like a scapegoat to get out of warranty work...
Definitely NOT.

I have seen live and in person not a Camaro but a Buick that someone put led's in cause it was "cooler".

The turn signals flashed at lightspeed, there were codes galore and the remote start wasn't working.

Replaced leds with regular factory bulbs; cleared codes and everything was back to normal.

Customer didn't like the bill ... but hey this isn't warranty's problem it a non-factory mod.

Just like the Camaro guys doing a tune. Blows engine. Undoes tune back to stock parameters. The computer has to be read for codes per GM before warranty claim approved and it SAVES the fact that it was tuned and undone!!! Warranty claim DENIED! You can argue till the cows come home and you won't get an engine period.

Like the smart Camaro guys; save certain mods 'till after the warranty expires or you can be left out in the cold....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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