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..... G'day Mate .......

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Formerly from Australian been states side for 28yrs married a Southern belle..Worked for GM Holden Dealers for many years sold the 1st Model VB Commodore back in 1979, had a Limited Edition VC Brock Special as a Demo
( wish I had it now )
Commodore was a Great car then and its an even better car now... no matter what badge it has on it will always be a Commodore to me... My 1st New car was a 1970 HT Holden Ute... Currently I am in the process of Importing a 2011 Commodore Calais V Wagon ... I would love another ute but not enough seats for my 2 kids... Had a Pontiac G8 GT until last August when I returned home to Australia for 5 months...That's when I found the Calais Wagon and Randy the Left Hand Drive Conversion Specialist from Denver. One of his HSV Maloo Utes is in my garage now waiting for the new Owner to pick it up//


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Missan nissan,

Welcome! You have great photos.

Erica Tiffany
Chevrolet Customer Care
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