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Fuel door lock

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I forgot to pay attention when I was at Doug's checking out his SS a couple of weeks ago...and never thought about it with the SS at the dealer in PDI, since the gas door had a piece of tape over it, and I was in "do not touch" mode.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the SS does not have a fuel door lock, as I've seen no mention of it in any promotional info or specifications....but I could be wrong. I also do not recall whether the SS has the necessary lock receiver on the gas door, so this may all be academic.

The G8 (not sure if it was on all trim levels or not) did have a fuel door lock, and the PPV has the necessary lock receiver on the filler access door for the lock plunger, so I put it on.

Details here
- something that may be possible to add to SS.
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I will take a picture and post it so SS owners can confirm the existence of the receiver--unless someone can post a picture of the door on their SS.
Nice video posted in another thread shows a clear shot of the fuel door and I DO see a receiver hole(?) in it. Look at around 10:31 into the video:

2014 Chevrolet SS (Holden VF Commodore) Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review - YouTube
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