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2015 Chevy SS w/ 6 Speed Manual (Sunroof & Spare Optioned)
Miles: 100,250
Vin: 6G3F25RW2FL112365
Engine Miles: 20k
Price: $37,500 obo
Location: Houston, Tx.

After lots of thinking I’ve decided to list my car for sale. Bought it a little over a year ago and don’t drive it much so I figured I’d let someone else enjoy it. The car is a driver and is in no way a show car. Exterior wise, I’d rate it a 7/10 being that it has all the rock chips that a regular 100k mile car would have. Interior wise I’d say is a 8/10 due to arm rest on the driver side front door needing to be reupholstered. There is still a lien on the vehicle that will need to be paid off. I’ve listed everything I could think of below that’s been done to the car. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me PM.

Engine Mods:
Billy Briggs Racing 416 Shortblock
Texas Speed Port/Polished Heads
Texas Speed F35 Stage 4 Cam
ARP Headstuds
BTR Valve Springs/Retainers
BTR Trunion Kit
Ported LS3 Intake Manifold
Ported Throttlebody
Rotofab Cold Air Intake
Kooks 1-7/8” x 3” Longtubes
Kooks 3” Off-Road X-Pipe
DSX Flex Fuel Kit
ID1000 Injectors
McLeod RXT Twin Disk Clutch
Tick Performance Speed Bleeder Kit

Exterior Mods:
Holden Black Upper Grill Surround
Holden Black Lower Grill Surround
Holden Black DRL Light Trim
Holden Black Fender Vents
Holden Black Upper Window Trim
Holden Black Lower Window Trim
Holden Black One Piece Door Handle Covers
DRL Harness

17x5” Weld S71 with 26.00x4.50-17 M&H Racemasters
17x10” Weld S71 with 275/50/17 M&H Drag Radials
Stock Wheels all have Curb Rash.
Front Tires are New
Rear Tires will need to be replaced
Tire Wheel Sky Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood

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kinda weird how little people ask for these cars c compared to how much was actually produced 6 speed.. i think these things will climb in value as time goes on. i dont think i will be selling mine anytime soon.

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Question: Was a horsepower test done on the new engine? Seems to be setup like a drag car. Was it timed in the 1/4?

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Question: Was a horsepower test done on the new engine? Seems to be setup like a drag car. Was it timed in the 1/4?
Yes, I somehow forgot to post what it made. The car makes 517rwhp on E85. I have not taken it to the drag strip yet but do plan to once the weather cools down here.
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