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Front tires look stretched

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Hello all,

Have you noticed that the front stock tires look stretched on the rim? I am in the market for all-season tires and have considered going one size wider in the front to get a better look. Already have the Continentals DWS priced up for order since my boss likes them on the G8.

Has anyone with snow tires or all-season tires gone with a slightly larger size up front or is there a clearance issue? The stock tires are stretched to the point that the curb rash protector lip really does reach beyond the rim like the back tires.

Appreciate your input!
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I ran a 255/40-19 on a 19x9" rim in the front of my G8 GXP and needed a 3mm spacer to keep the tire off the strut. Not saying we will have the same issue here given some of the suspension changes but you probably need to really evaluate your tire/wheel combination.
SS rims are 8.5" wide front, should be able to support a 255mm wide tire without issue especially with it's offset.
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