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My car is still out for wrap. I was supposed to pick it up this evening, but they called this morning and asked if I ever had an issue with doors not unlocking. I said no, never. They said, "well you do now!" Kidding, they didn't say it like that... but the front doors won't unlock now.

According to the guy I spoke with, they left the car over the weekend and were about to take it out for pictures, when they found this morning the front doors wouldn't unlock. Back doors do, not the fronts. Here's where I began freaking out: he said in the process of troubleshooting, they disconnected and reconnected the battery. I asked if the fob was nearby, he said it was in the lock box. I know where that is, it's close enough that I'd worry the car saw it.

The car is a 14 (A6), has a Livernois calibration (around 15k miles ago) and has a relatively new (2yo) acdelco battery. I keep it on a trickle charge when it's in my care, but they've had it about 1.5 weeks now and I'm sure they didn't.

They took it to the local chevy dealership, I'll hear more tomorrow. In the meantime, any words of advice or insight into what may help? Here she is at the dealer (cringe)
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My silver lining: if they brick the ecm, I can get a new one on their dime and can then work towards a pressurized intake manifold :cool:
This might not have anything to do with your issue--but I learned a lesson from using cheap fob batteries from the "Dollar Tree". These batteries are true junk!!! I had issues upon issues--no unlock--no remote start--no passive lock--'place fob in pocket to start'--and other 'anomalies'--lots of messages on the DIC, but never a 'low remote battery' warning!! These problems took time to develope, not immediately, but happened with both fobs at the same time. The batteries still measured 3 volts but had lost what little umph they had. I almost called for help!! Then I installed good 'Duracell' batteries in both fobs and no more problems!!
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