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Foreword Brake Assist

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I would like to start off by saying I was not a fan of this feature to begin with. I Never thought I would use it...

The forward break assist has 4 selective modes, Off, On 1 car length, On 1/2 a car length and On 1/4th Car length. All different foreword motion breaking sensitivity settings work identically. My understanding was that this system would never activate unless collision was immanent, and when it did activate it would bring the vehicle to a stop.

I was wrong, this system works incredibly and at the right setting, is not intrusive at all, it actually might end up saving the car one day, or save the life of the mate who pulled out in front of you and hit the breaks..

Like Tapshift, this system is fluid and will gracefully apply the breaks just to let you know you are approaching the fixed object or car rather quickly, and if you don't follow up with some breaking of your own it will gradually increase braking force. Once you start getting on the breaks the system backs off.

The radar system this vehicle uses is substantial. It has 360 degree vision and can pick up a car 100+ meters in front of you. More importantly, Below approximately 10 MPH the system will not engage so don't count on it at low speeds. Could end up kissing somebody's bumper if you instill to much confidence in this feature and get lackadaisical.

I have been keeping it on the lowest setting, when the wife drives I set it at the highest sensitivity. She enjoys riding to closely and enjoying her iPhone. :bangheadonwall:

We'll show her!!!
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As others have stated, the SS does NOT brake for you at all, ever. It only warns you if there is closure between your car and one in front of you. I have never had it beep erroneously so I believe it works well.

I do have a question, has anyone had issues with park assist? I don't know if I need to calibrate the sensors somehow, but I have yet to get this car to park itself. I know it does, I just haven't gotten it to work for me. Please don't tell me how to use the feature as I do know this part, just if you've had trouble with it. Thanks!
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