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Fitting Instructions for Stainless Steel Sill Plates

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Guys do your SS's come with plain sill protectors already?
Stock Chevy SS Sill Plates below.

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Paul you stealing my photos again! lol!
Yeah thanks for that.
It was difficult finding a pic of yours without a slum in the background.
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All...I received my SS Sill plates from CP and began the removal process..I noticed as I began to pull up on one end retainer clips were seen attached and wondering if they hold plastic molding onto the door sill?..The reason I ask is the new SS Sill plates do not have any retainer clips?? So I stopped before really getting into the process..Of course now this end with the retainer clip won't fully attach as it's sprung..Did anyone have this issue? Also dealer noted since having the clips risk breaking the molding? Comments or suggestions?
Thanks - Travis
Everything plastic including clips stays attached to the car.
Use gentle heat (as per instructions above) to loosen the backing glue between the original metal plate and all plastics below.
The new stainless steel sill plate inserts have no clips on the back of them because you are just replacing one glued metal insert strip with another similar item.

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I need to get the sills even though I don't need them as my wife seems to prefer to mash the rubber door seal and clean her heels on that getting in!!
There's websites now where you can get new wives.
Just sayin
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