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Picked her up yesterday in MD and drove her back to Richmond VA (the traffic reminded me once again why I could never live in NoVa!)

From my first entry into the cabin, I was overwhelmed by how much attention GM is now paying to its interiors. The SS is light years ahead of the G8 GXP in every detail, fit, finish, options etc. etc.

I spent 3 hours Sunday driving a G8 GXP back from our last Chumpcar race, so the overall experience is quite fresh in my memory. Once again, the SS is an amazing improvement in tactile feel, as well as sound deadening. The GXP is an awesome car, but feels considerably more raw, and plasticky in comparison. My hats off to GM for the improvements they have made.

The only little pick I could nit would be the absence of a Homelink universal remote. The car will **** near do everything else for you, and show you three displays at the same time of what it is doing, but no garage door opener???

If this is my only gripe, well, then it is a **** fine car!

Gonna spend some time this weekend seeing how I can install a concealed radar detector as I think I am going to need it.
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