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Well the dealer I ordered mine thru got their silver roof no spare first boatload SS in yesterday! Phew ... poor baby had a long slow trip!

Saw it yesterday in the shop just after they did the PDI. Drove it GENTLY 3 miles today. Yes its available and no ups ... straight MSRP. PM me for the New Car Managers contact info if you're in the Philadelphia area and serious about silver!

In the shop I didn't have a lot of time. It was cleaned up... it came in filthy. The plastic was still on inside. Gave it a quick walk around and sit and start.

Gave it the full look see today.

The silver is light in the sun and shop lights. When it got cloudy and overcast it darkened a bit and gained a bluish color shift quality that changed with the angles. I liked it!

In the last 40+ years in the business and with a very critical eye I was astounded at the build quality fit and finish. The paint had no dirt or imperfections and NO hint of orange peel so common with water based color/clearcoats. The body gaps were tight and right on all the way around. The hood and trunk closed with the lightest of touches. ALL 4 doors closed with resounding solidness and only needed the lightest of effort. No slamming needed!

Yes z51vett the rear rotors were slightly rusting mostly at the 'writing'. Because they are so visible this was the only outside negative and honestly distract from the rest of the picture and left uncorrected will look like **** in 6 months.

And yes Navy Lifer the gas cap door opens with a push and has the necessities to use the lock mechanism you mentioned!

The inside exudes quality. The leather is way above GM's US leather quality. The seats seem hard when my 5'11/165lb. boney butt first gets in but after 2 minutes they contour wonderfully. I was amazed at the range of motion of the driver's seat ... the farthest moving in any direction I have ever experienced! Anybody will find a comfy setting whether 4'11 or 6'2''. When the front seat is all the way back ... and I could not really reach the pedals the rear seat foot/legroom gets a bit tight but you won't believe how far the seat can go back or up ... I stopped when my head hit the headliner and it still had more to go. The controls fall into your hands easily ... no awkward stretching required. The my link seemed to not be Cadillac nasty but I only played with it for a couple of minutes. The inventory manager played with the Nav while we were driving and I asked him what the arrow reminded him of. He said nothing so I had to 'splain the Pontiac homage! He's about 30 so he should have known better but he's a diehard Chevy guy. The floormats were even way better than the usual cheapo GM fair with red stitching and a heel pad for the drivers (they were still in the bag in the huge trunk with an easy access panel to get to the battery terminals for that important 20 minute PDI battery charge! Not a squeak or rattle out of it during the drive even on a roughish road. The only negative in my mind was the cheap classless phony 5 point harness thingys on the front seatbacks. A true distraction that should have been left to the dustbin!

My short drive was a straight stretch were I got up to 50MPH and the last 2/3 was tight curvy hilly up and down roads. I took it real easy never pushing the gas more that 1/4" at most in drive not sport. Great throttle progression without being twitchy, just touching the gas cruising at a steady speed it will lug at 1000RPM but just the slightest touch will effortlessly downshift. I gave it the 1/4" and kept it no higher than 3000RPMs and it pulls stumps and makes true music. The guys planning on exhaust mods better drive it a couple thousand miles before dropping the money. Giving it a fast stab to 3000RPM in neutral and it snarles, pops and crackes on the downside after starting to roar on the upside. No mods needed.

On the first 2/10th of a mile on cool not cold tires at 45 degrees (the owner took it home after gassing it up and it sat for about 2 hours before my drive) it had a moderate vibration that disappeared which was the summer only tires. The ride is tight as a drum yet very very comfortable and NOT kidney busting and I took the corners way way faster than in my yukon which handles pretty **** good and I didn't even know I wasn't still going straight. The steering was just plain spot on. The brembo's were real touchy the first time I hit them (not seated yet and I treated them with respect) but either I got used to it real fast or they calmed down real fast. Remember I'm used to a Yukon which has the soft not grabby need more foot pedal feel!

I didn't even notice any bad side or forward visibility and I didn't back up so I don't know about that but its got the nannies and helpers and honestly except for watching if you're going to get rear ended at a stop light or playing Speed Racer in heavy traffic you're going to leave everybody in your dust anyway not needing to know whats behind you! ... EXCEPT for the State Police but hey i'm OK. The rearview mirrors are SMALL!!! That blind spot alert will come in handy! Since I didn't back up and I don't even know if it was on I cannot comment about the reverse tilt feature.

SO... negatives ... Rube Goldberg fake 5 point harness things; small rearview mirrors; rusting rotors and summer only tires depending on where you live.

Positives ... everything but the above negatives.

Super positive: this is going to start wars but here goes .... PRICE.

Take the Bow ties off (and the 5 point thingys), put BMW; MERC; AUDI; or nay I say CADILLAC emblems on it and slap a $65000 sticker on it and the people who didn't know its paternity (ie: 95% of all car buyers) would fall in lust and snap them up.

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The (outside) rearview mirrors are SMALL!!! That blind spot alert will come in handy!

SO... negatives ... small rearview mirrors;
Thanks for validating one of my beefs...same basic car shape/exterior mirror combination has been in place since VE1 & WM--around 2006, I recall.

I'm somewhat disappointed that this has not been addressed in some way in 8+ years of production.

Good report!
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