A little hesitant about posting this beauty for sale, but looking to get a bigger boat and will need the room in the driveway. I bought the car from the original owner and it has been a great car I have all the info on the car and receipts to most upgrades. The car started its journey by going to Lingenfelter for the 650hp package, and then after that he decided to have the motor built and the fuel system done as well incase he wanted to go further with the build. After some time had passed he was in talks with Harrop about the 2650 that they were coming out with and it was one of the first in the US. The car comes with the factory wheels and the BC Forged wheels and tires, I just put the factory wheels on as I wanted to see how the Nitto's ran. There is a lien on the car but we will/can do a Bill of Sale just as precaution. If you have any questions please message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Clearwater, FL
$57k obo

Clean Carfax
Heron White Exterior
Black Interior
6 speed manual transmission
Heated/Cooled Seats
Full Spare
Forged 416 with Harrop 2650 blower
Harrop OTR with Harrop 110TB
Harrop LSA-style serpentine belt drive
Lingenfelter CNC'd heads
Lingenfelter intercooler pump
Upgraded valvetrain components.
951rwhp/952ft/lb tq.
18 lbs boost with current pulley setup
Forged Manley internals (built by Redline Performance)
Fore Innovations Fuel System (triple pump/Walbro)
Monster LT-1 Clutch
ARH long tube headers with GESI hi flow cats
Borla Tourning axle back
Flex Fuel for e85.
ID 1300 injectors
DSS Driveshaft
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